Teaching Children with Autism

• A child with autism LOVES to be reinforced, but the usual “social reinforcers” may not be meaningful to them in the

A child with autism is a Visual Learner

• Teach children through their visual “ channel ” is stronger than their auditory “ channel ”.

• For children with autism visual and concrete experiences help them UNDERSTAND the meaning of their experiences.

Children with Autism Prefer Consistent, Predictable and Organized Routines

• When teaching children with autism keep it the same RIGHT FROM THE START

• When things change, SHOW or TEACH THE CHILD WHAT TO EXPECT

Autistic Children Understand and Process their environment in a unique way.

• Sometimes, children with autism will organize and remember things in “ CHUNKS ” or “ Wholes ” and have a hard time
understanding that the separate “parts” mean.

• It’s sometimes hard for children with autism to learn by watching what others around them are doing and saying.

• Since children with autism are not always sure what the “ important ” information is in their experiences, sometimes they'll
focus on small “ bits ” of information that may not even be relevant.

• Autistic children almost always have a hard time processing auditory information. For them to understand, TEACH or
SHOW the child what you mean!

• Children with autism are not a fan of “ multi-tasking ”. It’s hard for them to attend to information coming form several “
Channels ” at the same time.

Teach Children with Autism One thing at a Time!
• Children with autism learn best when skills are broken down into “ bite-sized ” pieces .

Written by: Tracey SpiroSpecial Education / Aba Teacher
A different way to learn - learning from your child's perspective. Bright Tots - Information on child development - Autism information.  www.brighttots.com
A Different Way to Learn - The Child's Perspective
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A Different Way to Learn - The Child's Perspective

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